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Cooperation: 3D measuring

Measuring centre, 3D crossbar measuring machine LK type G-90C

Measuring device Three-axis crossbar measuring machine
Type of a device LK G-90C 20.12.10
Measure possibilities lze měřit všechny možné tvary
Max. proportions of the product 2000 x 1200 x 1000 mm
Max. weight of the product 2673 kg
Year, producer 2000, LK Limited, Velká Británie
Metrological sequence Due to ČMI, see calibration list, no. Z5-KL-M-093 dated 30/3/2005
Measure conditions Air temperature 22°C, air moisture 25 %
Machine accuracy in µm at temperature 22° Celsia ± 2°:
M (U3) E=2,75 µm + L/175

Measuring is practised on very accuracy three-crossbar CNC measuring machine LK G-90C. This measuring machine belongs to the set of the most exact measuring machines type LK. LK G 90C is a portal type machine. All axis are motoricly controlled and at the same time they are stored in pneumatic strata. This very accurate system uses vibrating rulers from Renishaw company for precise evaluation of the position. LK systems are inching very quickly and accurately on pneumatic strata.

We offer these services on our equipment:
1. Crossbar measuring – complete measuring of workpiece preparations, forms. According to the requirement the machine is evaluating from the basic measuring distance the average apertures to plumb, to parallelism, to straightness, to roudness and planeness, etc. With this method it is possible to measure very accurately by CNC.

2. Model measuring – measuring of parts of common shapes, which does not contain the geometric shapes (or only rarely), like they are mouldings, castings, plastic and metal parts of bodies of air and car interiors. We also pursuit 3D measuring of formative sections of forms, electrodes (copper, graphitic), mouldings and different iron-plate components. It is also possible to measure without problems the polystyrene models or products made out of hard rubbers. Model measuring uses RPS points for levelling the final products along with the model. Model measuring method is very accurate method used in case of complicated shapes, which are not otherwise measurable.

The measuring is conducted on the basis of electronic mathematical model, which is need for this measuring. It is possible to measure anywhere on surface, 3D variation is calculated and interpreted on the instant. That signifies, that the operator clicks on the mathematical model in PC and the machine fulfils the engaged operation. Then the measuring machine evaluating the swing from the mathematical model.

It is of course possible to send the mathematical model by e-mail or on CD in forms *.SAT, *.IGES, the drawing of workpiece in form *.PRT.

IGES – Initial Graphics Exchange Specification – the format for CAD vector models representation, defined by American State Specification. The most common IT format is used by Cadds 5, CADKEY, Catia, Computervision, I-deas systems etc.

About the precise quality assurance of particular products takes care the team of qualified operators.

Examples of measuring records:
For work with this measuring machine we have exposed and quaranteed the calibration list - page 1, issued and warranted by Topmes Praha company.


In case of any misunderstanding about pertinence of particular measuring for this equipment do not hesitate to consult details directly with the tribal operator.

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