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Grinder for shearing tools BNE 35
The grinder is designed for manual sharpening of the shearing tools for nail-making automatic machines.

This machine is essential for every nail maker; without this machine it is impossible to ensure proper function of the shearing tools of the nail-making machinery and thus the high-quality tip of the nails.

Purchase of this machine is recommended right with the first nail-making machine. The output of one grinder is sufficient even for larger nail-making plant.

The grinder spindle is supported by anti-friction bearings and driven by the electromotor, which is located at the lower part of the machine. The right-hand disc serves for tools dressing and grinding of facets, while the shaped profiles are ground by the left-hand discs. Both sides of the machine are fitted with supporting rests. The grinder can be quickly re-adjusted from the shaping position into the grinding position and back thanks to special tilting arm.

Both the shaping and the dressing discs are fitted with guards for maximal operation safety. The outlets at the rear part of the guards enables to connect a vacuum-cleaning equipment.

The grinder is supplied with ordinary accessories.

  • diamond wheel dresser
  • fixture for sharpening of double-tips
  • flange with shaped discs
  • grinding discs
Spindle speed 1640 RPM
Grinding discs:
- shaping 350 x 10 mm - 3 pcs
- dressing 250 x 40 mm - 1 pc
Circumferential velocity of discs approx. 30 m.s-1 (disc dia 350 mm)
Standard disc approx. 20 m.s-1 (disc dia 250 mm)
Input of electromotor 1,5 kW
Rated voltage 400 V/50 Hz *
- ground area 900 x 800 mm
- height 1100 mm
Weight 380 kg
Shipping dimensions 1250 x 900 x 1300 mm
* modification at special request possible

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