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Exhausting equipment EKO OB 850 for the tumbling drum OB 850
This equipment serves to exhaust the nail point chips and the wooden saw dust out of the tumbling drum interior and to separate them. It consists of a separation chamber to separate the chips, of a fan, a cyclone for deposition of saw dust, an outlet filter and of a yoke to fix a plastic bag. The inlet socket has a flap. The lower part of the separation chamber is covered with a swing-away lid with counter-weight so that the chamber may be discharged after having stopped the fan. The outlet filter may be replaced by a flange with a socket o 100 mm in the case the user prefers to let out the air through a hose into free space.

The equipment serves for users who do not possess a central exhausting system. Its parameters correspond with the requirements of tumbling and separation and form a convenient unit with the tumbling drum OB 850.

Max. capacity of fan 1200 m3 of air/hour
Max. vacuum 1900 Pa
Output of electric motor 1,1 kW
Speed of motor 2800 RPM
Nominal voltage of net 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz

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