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Riveting unit NJ 6
NJ 6 and NJ 6A riveting machines have been designed to rivet full steel rivets up to 6 mm diameter for steel of 370 MPa strength and copper, aluminium and hollow steel rivets up to 8 mm diameter.

    NJ 6 type
  • riveting machine with double manual control
    NJ 6A type
  • riveting machine with automatic cycle to be mounted in automatic lines
    Main parts of the machine
  • unit with a drive
  • pneumatic control
  • control panel
  • rotary riveting head
  • wiring
A head of a rivet is formed by the riveting die clamped in the rotary riveting head which is fixed to the threaded end of the spindle. The spindle performs rotary motion due to el. motor. The spindle speed id identical with that of the el. motor, i.e. 1370 min-1. The spindle is carried along by a sleeve which compresses pressure air of 0.25 to 0.6 MPa to both directions (up and down).

Air is distributed above or below the piston by pneumatic controlled five-way valve. The valve of the double manual control NJ 6 type is moved by the double manual control three-way valve to the opera-ting low position.

The lagging valve which resets the distribution five-way valve back ensures the reset to the upper position after completed riveting. The distribution five-way valve pneumatic adjusted by two stop valves is also used for the automatic cycle type. Riveting period is also adjusted by the lagging valve. The speed of the piston or the sleeve is controlled by check throttle valves in both directions.

The riveting unit can move on the vertical surface of the stand by means of the adjusting bolt and nut within the limits of 0 through 150 mm.

Therefore optimum position of the complete riveting unit can be adjusted with respect to the product. The riveting unit can be either fixed to the work table or to the structure of the respective unit. If voluminous parts are riveted, it is possible to turn the whole unit including the stand through 180°.

Such turned unit can be used for riveting outside the work table. The function of the riveting machine enables to form the rivet heads by the running of the riveting head directly to the rivet which shall either press the riveted parts together or it is possible to adjust the internal stop by rotating the milled nut with a dial which limits the spindle lift. This precise adjustment of the working stroke enables to rivet the parts supposed to have a certain clearance to achieve mutual movement. Therefore those parts are not pressed tightly together by the pressure of the riveting head. Thus the riveting unit allows to carry out tight and loose riveted joints.

The working area is illuminated by hinged seating of the lamp, so that the operator can adjust optimum position of the lamp for the lighting of the working area.

Max. diameter of the full steel rivet (steel to 370 MPa) 6 mm
Maximal diameter of full steel rivet
or full copper and aluminium rivet
8 mm
Working air pressure 0.25 až 0.6 MPa
Adjustable stroke of the tool (riveting head) 5 až 25 mm
Adjustable riveting period 0 až 30 s
Vertical reset of the unit 0 až 150 mm
Input and speed of el. motor 370 W, 1370 ot.min-1
Supply voltage Y/D, 3 x 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Opening between the spindle axis and the stand 140 mm
Max. dimensions - NJ 6 560 x 680 x 930 mm
Max. dimensions - NJ 6A 460 x 530 x 930 mm
Clamping dia for the riveting die 8H7/m6
Dimension of the clamping tee-slot 10 mm
Table dimensions 310 x 420 mm
Mass of the machine 130 kg

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