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Tumbling drum OB 850
The tumbling drum OB 850 is a machine designed for mechanical cleaning, degreasing and polishing of nails of 2.5 mm dia or bigger, or for processing of similar products. The products are processed in fine wooden sawdust. The machine does not require continual supervision of the operator, as the time relay would stop the machine after the preset optimal processing time. The sawdust and the other impurities can be vacuum-separated from the products during the tumbling process, so that the finished products are poured out into a suitable container located below the drum.

The drum has two rotating modes - the conti-nual-operation mode, controlled by the time relay and the stepping mode, when the drum rotates only at depressed push button at the control panel. This mode allows to stop the drum in any desired position. The drum design allows to exchange the sieves in dependence on size of the processed parts. Inside of the drum suits to vacuum-separation of the sawdust and metal flashes (the wings, etc.). The filling equipment and the vacuum equipment are not a part of the delivery.

Max. weight of charge 500 kg
Min. dia of processed items 2,5 mm
Operational speed of drum 27 RPM
Delay range of time relay from 9 min. to 3 hours
Electric transmission 400/220 V, 50 Hz
Input 4 kW
Recommended output of external vacuum equipment approx. 1400 cum. per hour
Informative noise level 85 dB
Recommended size of pour-out containers 1200 x 800 x 450 mm
Drum dimensions:
Length incl. switchboard 2260 mm
Width incl. access steps 2790 mm
Height incl. safety railing 1990 mm
Height of feed opening 1680 mm
Inner dia of vacuum flange 108 mm
Shipping dimensions:
Length 2125 mm
Width 2300 mm
Height 1995 mm
Weight 1755 kg

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