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Noise insulating cover PHK 01
The noise insulating cover's benefit is substantial reduction of noise level at the process of nail production as well as elimination of dispersion of oil mist into the surrounding area. The cover can be used together with machines of THA line 31/80 and 40/120. It consists of the front and back moving tunnels, the front wall, the base plate and the magnetic conveyor belt for transport of finished products out of the cover.

    Substantially improves the working conditions:
  • reduces noise level to max. 83 dB
  • oil mist exhauster
  • ensures air circulation within the enclosed space.
The noise insulating cover can be connected to a central exhausting system. The cover can be installed even with older types of automatic machines. The conveyor enables to use high-capacity containers and thus it makes easy single-stage material handling possible. The cover does not obstruct to easy and fast access to the adjustment points.

Dimensions, including the conveyor length x width x height 3290 x 1895 x 1505 mm
Weight, including the conveyor 485 kg
Power input, including the conveyor 1,2 kW
Noise level at closed cover 83 dB

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