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Unwinding stand QOSD 1000
The unwinding stand QOSD 1000 is an optional accessory of the nail-making automatic machines that serves for unwinding of a wire from a spool or a coil.

When unwinding the wire from a coil (QOSD 1000 S), the coil is fixed to the stand by means of four supports which are adjustable to fit to the inner diameter of the coil.

For unwinding the wire from a spool (QOSD 1000 C) of weight of 1000 kg, it is recommended to use the center support and two steel beams which are placed under the spool. The stand has no drive system; the wire is unwound by pull of the nail-making machine's feed device. The stand is equipped with a brake to avoid undesired unwinding.

Min. inner diameter of coil 320 mm
Max. weight of wire coil (payload of the stand) 1000 kg
Max. coil height 550 mm
Table dia 900 mm
Table height 450 mm
Stand height 1110 mm
Dimensions of stand base 700 x 700 mm
Stand weight 295 kg
Shipping dimensions 1200 x 900 x 450 mm

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