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Roller feeder RP 8
The roller feeder is suitable to be used together with machines TPX 25, TPX 30 and similar. It serves for feeding of wire or strip by means of two pairs of feeding rollers, which are driven by AC synchronous servomotor. The exchangeable feeding rollers are not supplied with the feeder. The rollers' diameter is to be selected depending on diameter of wire or thickness of strip being fed. The same is valid for some other parts of the feeding mechanism.

The feeder can be supplied in two modifications: either with fastening points at the left-hand side, or at the right-hand side. The feeder is ready for additional assembly of the straightening mechanism.

The transparent safety guard is detachable; it is secured by the microswitch. The feeder is controlled by the programmable digital servo-amplifier equipped with entering display unit with programmable inputs and outputs.

Fed material
- wire - dia 1,2 ÷ 4,0 mm
- strip - max. width max. 20 mm
- thickness max max. 2,0 mm
Feeding speed max. max. 600 mm/0,4 sec.
Feeding length 0 ÷ 10 000 mm
Feeding accuracy ± 0,1 mm
Input 2520 W
Dimensions 514 x 470 x 752 mm
Weight 185 kg

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