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Tapping unit ZJ 46-15
Order number 461 000 000
Speed 500 ÷ 4000 r.p.m.
Max. spindle stroke 15 mm
Diameter of tap shaft 4 ÷ 8 mm
Working position any needed (control box only vertically)
Size of obtained thread (steel 11 340):
- by cutting up to M6
- by forming up to M4
Voltage 1 x 230 V/50 Hz
Power input max. 1,4 kVA
Standard working environment:
- temperature +5 to +40 °C
- relative humidity 40 to 75 %
Protection grade:
- unit IP 64
- control box IP 54
- unit 4 kg
- control box 29 kg
Main dimensions:
- unit (without tap) 55 x 55 x 282 mm
- control box 500 x 500 x 200 mm
Compressed air (needed for tap lubrication) 0,5 ÷ 0,6 MPa

The tapping unit consists of the unit as such, of the controls located in a separate box and of optional equipment in accordance with the actual needs.

    The unit consists of:
  • alternating-current synchronous servomotor
  • casing of the unit with spindle bearing and with tapping sleeve and guiding sleeve for precision guiding of the tap (the tap is gripped in the spindle with help of a spring collet)
    The control unit located in a separate box consists of:
  • servoamplifier of servomotor (Atlas DMC from Atlas Copco Controls)
  • control panel equiped with: digital keyboard, 10 pushbuttons and 4­line LCD display with 20 characters in one line, Inputs/outputs are described in chapter "Communication with surrounding functions"
  • control elements of the unit and inputs/outputs for the control of the unit and auxiliary equipment
    Optional equipment of the tapping unit:
  • set of holders (for special location it is necessary to provide a special support of the unit)
  • supervision sensors for the tap
  • tap lubrication
  • Setting-up in the right possition is made with help of setting screws of the unit holders.
  • Gripping of the tap in the spring collet is very easy, for repeated fixing in a precise position of the tap serves an internal adjustable stop.
    Control of the unit is executed from the control panel and allows to preset:
  • automatic running
  • setting-up - 1 cycle
  • setting-up - 1/2 cycle
  • special setting-up run for presetting of working parameters and for special operation of the machine
  • batch of components to be produced
When preset for automatic run, the unit is started automatically after having received the starting impulse (24 V). The starting may be preset for each signal, every second or very third signal. The setting-up run serves the operator or adjuster for easy adjusting a correct tapping.
    When using the setting-up run it is possible to preset e.g.:
  • speed of the unit
  • stroke of the spindle
  • pitch of the thread
  • sense of thread
  • function of automatic run
  • overcharge of unit
  • watching of tap
  • lubrication of tap
From the preset parameters the time for tapping is calculated automatically and the servocontrols then automatically follows if the unit respects the preset indications. COMMUNICATION WITH SURROUNDING FUNCTIONS
    For correct functioning the unit is equiped with the following inputs and outputs:
  • basic position of the unit
  • inspection of the tap - upper position
  • inspection of the tap - lower position
  • signal START
  • level of oil
  • free inputs
  • information about situation of the unit
  • basic position of the unit
  • movement ahead
  • reverse
  • lubrication valve

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